Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Keeping Your Family Safe While Hiking

A former family pastor at Denman Avenue Baptist Church in Lufkin, Texas, Eric Thomas Garland enjoys hiking and spending time with his family in the Lufkin area and beyond.

When going out for a day of hiking, there are several steps parents and children can take in order to minimize the chances of danger. First, hikers should pack adequate supplies and water and follow live weather updates up until the moment of departure. It is also important for people to notify family members or friends of their hiking plans and estimated time of return in the event of an accident.

On the trail, each member of the party should have a pack equipped with water, directional devices, and other important items, rather than charging each person with carrying a different type of supply. This may seem like a good idea from an organizational standpoint, but it leaves the larger party and the individual bereft of many useful items should someone become separated from the group.

Lastly, families should familiarize themselves with their intended destination and never hike out of their comfort zones. This is especially relevant to people visiting a National Park or similar location, as trails can vary significantly in length and challenge rating. Certain trails are also particularly difficult or prone to inclement weather at specific times of the year. Information on specific trails can be found on regional government websites and websites dedicated to the trail or mountain itself.