Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Gateway Seminary’s Theological Field Education Program

An operator for Combatt Oilfield Solutions in Texas, Lufkin native Eric Thomas Garland is also an experienced pastor in the Baptist tradition. In addition to serving in Lufkin, Eric Garland graduated from Gateway Seminary in Los Angeles, California. 

Gateway requires most students to complete its two-semester Theological Field Education (TFE) program, but enrollees pursuing a master of theological studies may take the course as an elective. TFE offers an internship in ministry, accompanied by intensive feedback from spiritual mentors. Students can choose to work in positions within churches in the area for their internship.

The program not only enhances the basic biblical and theological dimensions of ministry, but encourages thoughtful reflection and self-awareness. Participants even create an individualized learning agreement to identify personal goals. 

TFE’s objectives include blending ministerial theory and practice, understanding servant leadership, and encouraging students to be intentional in their pastoral work. The coursework also helps students identify their gifts and talents, as well as shows them how their personal qualities can both help and hinder their ministerial practices.