Friday, July 27, 2018

First Baptist Church of Bryan’s Midweek Studies

A minister and spiritual leader who previously served as a family pastor at the Denman Avenue Baptist Church in Lufkin, Texas, Eric Thomas Garland finds joy in leading others to God and his teachings. Since his time as a pastor in Lufkin, Eric Garland has gained experience in the oil industry and currently serves as the media director of the First Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas.

The First Baptist Church in Bryan provides three Sunday worship sessions alongside a range of church ministries to its congregation. Additionally, the church offers several midweek study sessions to families. 

The first of these sessions, Re|Engage, provides a weekly worship forum for couples to focus on strengthening and maintaining their marriages. Couples that participate in Re|Engage are encouraged and held accountable by other couples in addition to a mentor couple. 

The church also offers a midweek study session each Wednesday that focuses on a specific life issue. To date, focus areas have included divorce care, parenting, finances, and leadership.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Expanding Youth Ministry through Social Media

Before obtaining his role as an operator for Combatt Oil Field Solutions, family pastor and Lufkin resident Eric Garland headed the youth and children’s ministry for the Denman Avenue Baptist Church in Lufkin, Texas. Eric Thomas Garland now serves as the media director for the First Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas where he plans and creates video productions intended to raise the church’s media profile. 

Churches can leverage social media to reach a younger audience. Pastors and other spiritual leaders should use a variety of social media platforms to get their message in front of as many people as possible. A church’s social media presence can leave a lasting impression on youth, so it is important that its messaging is consistent and interesting.

While some posts can serve as reminders for upcoming events, it is important to include more engaging and inspirational content. The most effective posts have visual appeal, provoke conversation, and invite young people to respond and interact. Some topic ideas include highlighting the youth ministry’s recent achievements via video clips and sharing motivating lines of scripture.