Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hiking Trails Abound in Lufkin, Texas

A graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Eric Thomas Garland who lives in the East Texas city of Lufkin, works as media director and minister for First Baptist Church in Bryan, Texas. In this position, he oversees all media pertaining to the church, including production, creative planning, and audio. In his spare time, Eric Garland enjoys hiking.

There are several quality hiking trails near Lufkin for hikers to enjoy.

* Azalea Trail. This 1.9-mile nature trail runs through Grace Dunne Richardson Park toward Kiwanis Park. The trail offers numerous benches along the way for pedestrians and bike riders. 

* Lost Arrow Biking and Hiking Trail. Spanning 5.17 miles, this trail is ideal for those looking for hiking, biking, and trail running. It sits inside Kit McConnico Park and has six bridge crossings.

* Sawmill Hiking Trail. Found in the Angelina National Forest, this 2.2-mile one-way trail begins at Boykin Springs Campground and ends at the Old Aldridge Sawmill Site. The trail runs alongside a spring-fed creek and passes through the Neches River bottom along a tramway that was used to haul logs to the sawmill in the 1920s.